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Public safety and crime prevention is a collaborative endeavor. When citizens, schools, businesses, and law enforcement work together, the goal of a safer community is achieved. Skilled in program development, law enforcement leadership, and community engagement, Dr. Polidore leads consulting services at Aqkwele's Consultants. With the academic and professional qualifications to support her role, she offers the following services below.

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Public Safety &

Crime Prevention


We analyze the feasibility of new and existing programs and advise on best practices for success. With our proactive approach to public safety and crime prevention, we help organizations identify risks while maximizing opportunities.


Leadership &

Law Enforcement Morale


How officers view their contribution to communities is essential and citizens benefit from their morale. Effective leadership is critical to keeping law enforcement teams inspired. Partner with us to develop a plan for a high morale and high performance team.





For organizations seeking strategies to grow support, funding, or staffing, our proven tactics assist teams with building connections, managing relationships, and successfully earning the trust of their communities.





To effectively eliminate neighborhood crime residents need a solid plan of action. From learning to protect themselves and their families to deterring vandalism and vagrancy, our neighborhood watch workshops offer an aligned set of actions that when applied collectively, contribute to significant reductions in crime.