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Aqkwele's Consultants is a corporate and community education firm that advises civic organizations on crime reduction strategies, spearheads public forums on crime prevention, and partners with corporations for safety and emergency procedure trainings.



Mission & Vision


Our Mission:  Through high-quality training and consulting, we seek to empower communities through education.




Our Vision:  We envision environments where citizens work, play, and worship without concern. Confident in their ability to safeguard their families, neighbors, and property– they ultimately experience a higher quality of life.



Our Services

Emergency Procedure



We partner with businesses and organizations to certify teams, key staff, and HR departments in life-saving emergency procedures. Trainings include but are not limited to CPR, First-Aid, and AED.

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Public Safety &

Crime Prevention Consulting


We work alongside organizations to advise on crime prevention, community engagement, and program development.  Additionally, we consult with public safety departments to reduce turnover and increase officer morale.

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Personal Safety &

Facility Safety Workshops

We collaborate with corporations, schools, and places of worship to deliver tailored trainings for enhanced safety protocol. Offerings include personal safety workshops, crisis management plans, threat analysis, and building safety assessments.

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“Communities can only be great when its citizens take pride and responsibility in improving them.”


-Dr. Aqkwele Polidore

Founder of Aqkwele's Consultants

Our Founder

A passionate educator, dedicated leader, and advocate for safe communities, Dr. Aqkwele Polidore is the founder and CEO of Aqkwele’s Consultants. As a 1st Sergeant and Public Safety Officer, Dr. Polidore applies over 20 years of experience to her consulting practice. Driven by the belief that everyone has a right to be safe in their community, Dr. Polidore is personally fulfilled by her efforts to educate citizens, and is equally passionate about education overall. She states,

“I seek to inspire, motivate, and educate. This is my purpose. Education is the gateway to success.

Providing a safe, nurturing, and orderly environment is an essential part of learning, and the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

Dr. Polidore's Awards Include:

South Carolina Crime Prevention

Officer of the Year Award


Palmetto State Law Enforcement Officers Association Marian Harris Award


Rotary Club of Orangeburg Morning Service Above Self Award

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Community Service Award


Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Merit Awards


Alive At 25 Instructor of the Year Award



Dr. Polidore has earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Claflin University, and the following credentials from South Carolina State University; a master’s degree in counseling education, an education specialist degree in educational leadership and administration, and a doctorate in education administration.

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